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Why Consider Contract Work in 2019 Mayday Lists 5 Advantages of Taking on a Contract or Temporary Role Next Year

Posted on 14th November 2018 by Katrina Docherty

Mayday Blog Lists 5 Advantages Of Taking On A Contract Or Temporary Role Next Year

The employment world looks very different than it did just a few years ago! More than a fifth of Australian companies hire contract or temporary workers, according to Business Insider.  There’s no doubt about it… a contingent workforce is on the rise…

Not all job seekers have considered the benefits of temporary work, especially since the “gig economy” hasn’t always had the best reputation. But for many people, contract work is the perfect work situation for them — they just don’t know it yet.

If you are thinking of trying out contract/temp work, here are a few reasons why it might be just right for you.

1. Expand Your Experience

Contract work is a great way to acquire experience in fields you may not have worked in before. This is especially true if you’re looking to change industries or start a new career. For example, IT workers, office administrators, digital marketers and accounting professionals have often contracted positions.

These short work-experiences will give you an insight into areas you may not have thought about before.  Contract roles give you the chance to explore before you commit and the flexibility to pick and choose your next company.  Also, if you complete contracts with a couple of well-respected companies, this will make your resume more impressive and could have a major influence on your next job application.

And it’s not just the experience of places – it’s the people! Staying in touch with ex-colleagues can build you a strong network and may in the future lead to more job offers or recommendations.  As the saying goes, sometimes it’s not just what you know it’s who you know…

2. Better Pay Rates

You may focus on the financial downsides when you think of temporary and contract work; contractors don’t usually get sick days or holiday pay, however, contract workers are less expensive for employers because of this.

As a rule of thumb, contractors will get paid 20% more than employees. Receiving higher pay can let you take an extended break after your assignment is done before looking for the next position, paving the way for a better work-life balance.

For temps you will usually get paid by the hour rather than annually based roles and getting paid weekly means faster cash flow for your finances!

3.    Flexibility

Most temps or contractors have more of a flexible schedule than permanent employees.   This is one of the main reasons for them preferring contingent employment, with roughly 50% of workers stating “work-life balance is the most important attribute to their workplace”.  A recent report has shown that more workers than ever have been suffering from work-related stress. Happiness in a job has never been more important to us and a temp job can help you to gain perspective.

For some, contractual work is defined by business outcomes, so when that piece of work is finished you can leave.   It can also allow you to decide your own hours, as long as you make the deadline.  For busy parents, those who need to care for a sick relative, or just people who want to be able to work when it suits them, this level of flexibility can be tremendously helpful.  It’s a way of fitting work into YOUR busy lifestyle and being your own boss. 

4. You reach the bar faster!

As a temporary worker or contractor, you are definitely more out of your comfort zone! Compared to someone who is in the same culture/ company scene day in day out, you develop more skills when switching around different environments, you are forced to learn new things and get used to adapting or changing practices.

Another major plus is that you are constantly advancing your skills set! You are often part of an exciting project, part of a team that has been brought in to achieve business goals quickly, and you have the opportunity to create and contribute to a new, evolving team culture!

5. Great for when you have visa restrictions!

Over 120,000 people came to Australia on a Work Holiday Visa in 2017. Australian Working Holiday Visas have restrictions on how long you can work with certain employers. Visa restrictions mean you can only work on a temporary or contractual basis, leaving you to be more open to exploring the new land you are in!

MAYDAY Recruitment place candidates in temporary and contract roles with some of Australia’s best companies to suit your Visa requirements!

What now?

If you want to secure a short-term role because you have travel commitments, or want to be part of some of Australia’s biggest corporate projects, MAYDAY have roles in recruitment, sales, office support, customer service, insurance, compliance, and many more!

Whether you’re an Australian resident or someone here on a Work Holiday Visa, contact MAYDAY Recruitment and speak to one of our experienced consultants.  They’ll help you find out more about our available positions, and whether one of them is just right for you. Call us on 02 8377 5600 today!