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MAYDAY's Women in Leadership Evening

Posted on 7th November 2019 by Amandeep Tan

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A quick glimpse of our Women in Leadership evening last Thursday 7th November. 

Thank you to our keynote speaker @Elly Johnson for taking us on the journey of how to "Unleash our Inner Wonder Woman!"  Every guest left with her lasso of truth, ready to take on the world!

We had two other special guest speakers, Business Chicks Australia CEO, @Olivia Ruello and former CEO of White Ribbon Australia, @Delia Donovan, who joined Elly on a panel hosted by our MD, @Lynne Johnston. 

A very candid conversation followed on the obstacles these female leaders face, and what it means to inspire your people through the tough times.  We also broke down the buzz word to discover what being truly authentic means to our panellists, as well as finding out who are the women out there that inspire them…

A big thank you to our panellists and to all our Wonder - Women guests who joined us!

We can’t wait to see you next time.


Want to see more of Elly Johnson?

UNLEASH Your Inner Wonder Woman in 2020. Mastermind program with ELLY JOHNSON

Elly coaches and mentors women around Australia to help them to tap into their true passion and potential. To be able to reach more people and have a bigger impact, Elly has created a fabulous group coaching and knowledge sharing program called: UNLEASH!

This Mastermind program is offered in 12-week blocks and involves live online group sessions, heaps of activities to move you forward and impactful face to face workshops conducted in Sydney. 

As well as sharing her wisdom, guidance and tools, Elly brings inspirational women in to speak and teach on key topics including Leadership Skills, Love and Relationships, Personal Wealth Strategies, Confidence Building Techniques, Health and Mindset, Knowing Your Guiding Values and Setting Goals.

The next program kicks off 1st Feb (with ‘onramp' in Jan) and Elly and her team are about to launch all details. 

To express early interest in being involved in the next UNLEASH! Mastermind program, please email Elly, say hi and put up your hand to express interest. 

Elly has generously offered 20% off the UNLEASH! program to all women who are connected to MAYDAY Recruitment, so mention that in your email and she will come back to you with all the details. This is the perfect way to UNLEASH Your Inner Wonder Woman with the support of a great group of motivated women who are passionate about growth.

Elly Johnson: elly@ellyjohnson.com  or call 0402 883 196