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MAYDAY Valentines Wellness Week

Posted on 18th February 2020 by Jo Lothian

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What a wonderful week MAYDAY had last week, celebrating Valentines and spreading the LOVE - for ourselves! 

Thanks to Vanessa, Lynne, Aisling and Jo Lo for contributing some delicious, healthy dishes (along with their recipes) that were both good for our taste buds, and most importantly – for our hearts; from beet juice to tempeh Bolognese, to nut-filled granola and tasty chilli, our bellies were very happy indeed.

One of our highlights was having our wonderful, Head of Customer Success, Ruth run a workshop on "How to Worry Less", where she provided practical tips, such as Acceptance Based Meditation to keep yourself on the right path to wellness.  

Ruth shared some links that are definitely worth a watch - 

Dr Adam Fraser – author of “The Third Space” –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpk_dssZXqs  

Dr Amy Cuddy – Power Posing - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmR2A9TnIso

Another highlight (and probably our most favourite) was having the team send "Secret Valentine" cards; having a card to open is always fun, especially when it contains an uplifting and positive note from a colleague expressing what makes you so LOVEly! 

The MAYDAY Wellness Committee are always looking to improve the team's morale, wellness and health. If you have any suggestions or would like to pick our brains on Wellness in the workplace, we would love to hear from you. 

Contact us here 

MAYDAY's Valentine's temp competition!

As well as spreading the love to ourselves we wanted to spread the love to our amazing candidates. Our Valentines competition was to win our adopted Koala, by sending in a photo of why they LOVE their job. 

The money for a WWF "Adopt a koala" goes towards helping to take care of sick and injured koalas, and help plant native trees for them to live in! 

Congratulations to our winner Lauren for sending in a wonderful photo of why you LOVE your job. MAYDAY are sure you will make a wonderful mum to Bob the Koala! 

Below are some more highlights of our Wellness Valentines Week; Love yourself. 

Looking forward to the next one!