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MAYDAY'S Easter Competition "Bunnies in Hibernation, MAYDAY Temps in Isolation" Winners Stories

Posted on 8th April 2020 by Jo Lothian

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This year as the MAYDAY Temp Team were unable to visit our fabulous candidates and deliver Easter chocolates, we decided to hold a competition instead!

Like Easter Bunnies in hibernation, we asked our candidates to share their stories of MAYDAY Temps in Isolation. 

What top motivational tips, funny stories or positive tales could they share from the last few weeks? 

The best competition entry won a $100 Uber Eats Gift Voucher so they can treat themselves to some tasty meals from great local restaurants.

We had some absolute corkers of entries, however, our winner was Kelly Blake, with her hilarious rundown of what her average day looks like in isolation. 

Congratulations as well to our two runners up Poppy May Reed, Laura Heaney and Owen D'Arcy-Taylor. We loved your photos! 

Have a read of their stories and photos below:


Kelly Blake, Winner Entry: 

Day 20 in the Balgowlah lockdown household….


This morning started with a beautiful 6 am walk down to Manly to take in the sunrise, during lockdown Kelly has taken timeout once a day to leave the Balgowlah prison/office/home to check if there is still life out of the four walls, this fulfils her with positivity that one day life will return back to B-Covid19. 

Kelly is feeling the pain of her partner Nige’s constant chitter-chatter of SH*T, she is on her 4th joss stick of the day… all the jasmine in the world cannot stop her dark thoughts of throwing him over the balcony.

Productivity in the Balgowlah house is at an all-time low, distractions of cleaning and trash tv have taken over Kelly like The Exorcist :-/ she is pleased to know that she is not alone during her weekly Zoom meetings with her team they reassure her that everyone is in the same boat…. She is just pleased she is still employment and getting paid.


Nige ventured out this afternoon to Coles for supplies… armed with a bottle of Organic Hand Sanitiser he was ready to fight the shoppers for loo roll and groceries, due to social distancing a 10-minute shop now takes Nige 1hour… darting from aisle to aisle avoiding people like leprosy, he later returned with his tail between his legs ☹ still no loo roll he screamed red-faced and sweating, he continued to rant about how angry he is about hoarders WHY WHY WHY, Kelly tries to reassure him that tomorrow is another day and hopefully he will win the loo roll battle and finally be a winner.

On a positive note…. Kelly was over the moon that Nige returned with a beautiful bunch of sunflowers to brighten up their prison/office/home, she was sure that he was trying creep back into her good books after a morning from HELL.

Whilst Nige braved the outside world he swung by the chemist/bottle shop and picked up Kelly’s prescription of Villa Maria, without Kelly’s medication the working day feels like a month. She has also been known to fly off the handle at the slightest thing….

Today is the last working day of the week and Kelly has come to the diary room to share her top Covic19 isolation tips

  1. Joss sticks and yoga will help keep you calm
  2. Fresh flowers to brighten up your home
  3. Morning walks to feel the wind through your hair – this also helps blow the dark thoughts of wanting to kill your partner from your mind
  4. Wine/Gin to self-medicate, these days and nights are LONG…. Passing out at night is the key to working from home

Poppy May Reid, Runner Up Entry; 
Fabulous poem

Laura Heaney, Runner Up Entry:
Fabulous photo
Owen D'Arcy Taylor, Runner Up Entry: 
Fabulous Doggy
We want to thank all our Temps for competing in our Easter Competition, and we hope you have an amazing isolating Easter Weekend. 

Happy Easter from MAYDAY