Joanna Ward

Joanna Ward

Co-Founder & Director

Jo isn’t your average recruitment professional.

After embarking on careers in both travel and real estate that span over a decade, Jo discovered the crazy world of recruitment and hasn’t looked back since. Now 14 years on, she has some notable accolades to her name including management, mentor, senior leader and being the most successful and highest billing consultants in both of her previous agencies.

Jo’s passion for recruitment is unparalleled and like the rest of the MAYDAY team, she won’t rest until everyone is happy. She thrives under pressure and prides herself on being the go-to person in any situation. Above all, she loves a good chat and tells an extremely entertaining story.

Recruiter Insider Review

Really friendly, down to earth person. Gave me all the relevant information in a timely manner & has made me feel supported in taking on this role. Thanks Jo!