Vanessa Cole

Vanessa Cole

Training & Project Coordinator

Vanessa is known as Miss Sunshine around here! She’s warm and brings a smile to the team with her positivity, open mindset, and Aussie freckles. She joined the MAYDAY team in early 2017 as their first permanent staff member (aside from the directors themselves!), and so she has seen the company grow from the ground up, and couldn’t be prouder of the care-focused, trend-setting company it has become.

A passion for theatre and film in the early days led Vanessa to be curious about people, about what drives them, and about how they can go about achieving their goals, which has married well with her career in recruitment. Vanessa recruits Permanent staff for some of Australia’s largest and best-known organisations, and she gets a real thrill out of matching excellent candidates with equally excellent companies – there’s nothing quite like the buzz of telling a candidate “you got the role!!”

Outside of recruitment, Vanessa is on a mission to eat her way around Sydney, scavenging for the tastiest morsels and drops of crimson this great city has to offer.

Recruiter Insider Reviews

I met Vanessa yesterday at Mayday and she was the warmest and friendly face. She then spoke to me about two roles and we discussed which one would be most suitable for me. Bianca explained to Vanessa what I was looking for beforehand and Vanessa came in, introduced herself and spoke about the things that are important to me and why this job and company would meet my needs. I was put forward for the role on the same day which was so good for me because the job I was actually at the agency to speak to another consultant about was taken already. I was no longer walking away disappointed! So the best thing about Vanessa is that she spontaneously thought on her feet and recognised my suitability for this role in the shortest time and really impressed me and gave me some hope. 


Vanessa goes over and above showing a lot of proactivity and genuine care. I am very lucky to of had her support. By far the best recruiter in a very professional organisation.