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Vanessa Cole

Vanessa Cole

Training Manager

As MAYDAY's first permanent hire in 2017, Vanessa has seen the company grow from the ground up and she couldn’t be prouder of the care-focused, trend-setting company it has become.

Vanessa's previous life as an actor fostered a curiosity in her about people and what drives them, which led her to a natural career in recruitment. In 2020 she transitioned into a Training & Project Coordinator role, and in 2021 to Training Manager, bringing her recruitment knowledge and passion for optimisation into a whole new focus. Her role is broad and driven by purpose; to help the company operate smoother, faster and more effectively while upkeeping high levels of care and quality.

A major focus of Vanessa's position is training the team to continually sharpen their skills and abilities, and leading the Future Recruiter program; training entry-level recruiters on best-practice and how-to's so they can find success and clarity in their role right from the beginning.

Future Recruiter Testimonials

Hiring my first rookie was a daunting experience, especially given the amount of time I would need to invest in their training and development. After 6 weeks of working with me and learning 'on the job', I put my new starter through the Mayday's Future Recruiter training academy. I'm so pleased I did. Not only was the academy well structured and insightful, but my new recruit came back with newfound confidence and so many ideas to turn into actions. I highly recommend this training academy to anyone wanting to help their rookies learn through a well structured learning programme. Sometimes it's easy to forget that a structured recruitment grounding is the best way to set someone up to succeed, and that is exactly what this is.


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Vanessa Cole