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MAYDAY's Digital Assessment

Introduction to Digitial Assessment 

In early 2019 we set out to completely overhaul our approach to volume assessment, and after many hours of global research, we’ve invested in the latest in AI-powered digital assessments.

In fact, MAYDAY is the first to bring these tools to Australia, ensuring we’re offering our clients the most innovative way to hire the best talent, quickly and effectively.

Whether your challenge is losing quality candidates because of a slow-moving recruitment process; hiring the wrong candidate due to a process that doesn’t accurately predict high-performance; or costly & painful early-stage attrition due to a lack of realistic job preview*; MAYDAY Consulting’s Digital Assessment tools can help.

Think videos created on-sight to provide a peek into the actual working environment – or puzzles, code-breakers & path-finding games that challenge a candidate’s cognitive abilities in a fun and engaging way. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your unique challenges with volume recruitment.

Gamification & Digitisation

By blending interactive assessments, predictive analytics and complete workflow automation, we enable our clients to completely transform the traditional candidate experience into something fun your candidates will love you for. In addition, our approach has proven results in improved speed and time to hire; improved employee engagement; and increased retention thanks to our ability to create a realistic job preview*.

Provide a Positive Experience 

Our objective with embedding technology into the recruitment process was to transform the traditional (read: boring) approach to candidate selection and create a digital-experience your candidates will love. With up to 15 fully customisable games and tests that measure everything from culture fit to cognitive ability, from personality profile to multitasking, we can guarantee to accurately identify top talent perfectly suited to your organisation, based on robust, validated science.

Partner with MAYDAY 

By partnering with MAYDAY in our exciting new approach, you will experience all the benefits of a huge reduction in an investment of recruitment man-hours; increased candidate satisfaction; enhanced employee engagement and reduced turnover.

Talk to us to find out how: 

Europe's largest supermarket: 

  • Reduced time to hire by 40%

  • Hired 60% of candidates within 10 days

  • Averaged candidate satisfaction scores of 87%

  • Increased application numbers by 42%

  • Applications took just 10 minutes to complete

A global provider of customer support services: 

  • Reduced employee turnover by 63%

  • Hired 85% of the candidates they interviewed (up from 45%)

  • Reduced time spent on each interview from 75 to just 20 minutes

  • Reduced regrettable attrition from 30% down to just 10%

Contact MAYDAY Consulting 

*A Realistic Job Preview is a tool used to provide candidates with a thorough understanding of the requirements of the role, the good and the bad. This ensures candidates are able to make an informed decision regarding whether or not a role is right for them, thus positively impacting employee attrition rates.