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Dreaming of A New Career? The Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Taking The Leap…

Posted on 12th September 2018 by Katrina Docherty

Mayday Blog Dreaming Of A New Career The Most Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking The Leap

Choosing to change careers can feel exciting and scary in equal measures. If your motivation is to enter a job that feels like the right fit, you’re about to carve out a happier future. At the same time, you’re probably considering just how much effort it takes to move from one role to another.

According to some statistics, members of Generation Y (otherwise known as Millennials) will change careers 10 times over the course of their lifetime. If you’re amongst those who would like a fresher career path, it’s worth knowing that you’re not alone. Additionally, the right amount of self-reflection will propel you towards success.

Before you abandon ship at your current workplace, ask yourself these questions….

What skills do you have and are they transferable?

Each day you gain experience in a workplace is another day where you refine your skills. According to Business Insider, the Top 10 most desirable skills of 2017 had less of a marketing focus. Instead, those who can present data and understand technology gain a competitive edge over those who can’t.

With that in mind, if you do have a tech-friendly skill to brag about, now’s the time to make it a key element of your job applications. While that may seem a little daunting, there’s a chance you have more tech skills than you think. If you can write content for a website or social media, you tick the SEO box. On the other hand, if you’re adept at compartmentalising figures and carrying out admin, you tick the data presentation box.

If you’re unsure as to whether your skills are transferable, consider whether the following examples apply to you:

  • Can you work effectively as a part of a team to achieve a common goal?
  • Have there been times where you’ve had to adopt a leadership role?
  • Are you a self-motivated person who doesn’t require much mentoring?
  • How are you at meeting deadlines?

What qualifies you for your new (desired) position?

Now that you’re a little more aware of your transferable skills, it’s time to examine how close you are to your new position. Some career changes won’t require many tweaks on the training and skills front. Others may call for you to return to the classroom.

To determine how far away from your new career you are, look at what it requires in terms of qualifications and experience. Then, take a look at what you currently bring to the table. Once you know what is missing, you can start making strides towards rectifying the situation.

If you find that you need to spend a little time retraining and you’re worried about returning to education, don’t. The Australian Bureau of National Statistics estimates that 4 out of 5 adults is engaging in some form of learning for career purposes. It’s a common event in many a person’s life, often with positive outcomes.

Why do you feel passionate about your new career and what’s motivating you to change?

When you’re at the stage where you know what it is that you want from your new career, it’s natural to feel a little nervous. The thought of taking on new training and lowering your seniority could overtake your initial feelings of excitement. To stop that from happening, you need to dig deep into your motivations and passions.

First of all, take a look at your current career path using a fortune teller’s lens. Does the idea of progressing down it make you feel happy? Experts in employment often agree that potential career progression is a deciding factor in how happy an employee feels in the workplace. Even if finding a new career does mean taking a step back for a while, you’re offsetting the inconvenience with increased happiness levels.

You should then take a look at whether you feel genuinely enthusiastic about your new career choice. Why is your enthusiasm greater for your future role than it is for your current one? If your enthusiasm feels genuine, you should have enough passion to succeed.

Finally, while taking an overall positive approach is advisable with anything in this life, take a glimpse at why your current job isn’t hitting the mark. Will your new role convey benefits such as better work-life balance? Are you looking for greater flexibility? With a sensible analysis, you could make a career change that’ll enhance your happiness for the rest of your life.

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