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Lizzie's Top Tips to Declutter Your Life

Posted on 26th May 2020 by Lizzie Marshall - Team Manager Permanent Division

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With social distancing still in effect across the world, you're likely spending a lot more time at home than you typically would have. Like many people, you may be struggling to find positive ways to pass the time during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While you are cooped up at home, now is the perfect time to tackle a variety of projects around the house, including decluttering. This is a task that often gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list, so like many others at home you can now take this opportunity to move it back up to the top. Here's MAYDAY’s top tips on how to do it and why it can be so beneficial during these surreal times. 

Make a Plan 

Before you start decluttering, it’s great to have at least a general sense of how you will proceed and writing it down, what projects are most important and which will take the longest to achieve. This way, you can get the physical satisfaction of crossing it off the list . I personally have worked through my own declutter/cleaning plan room by room and broken it down by of length of time I anticipated it will take me to cross it off my list!

Enjoy the Trip Down Memory Lane 

My main focus was not to rush and enjoy the decluttering process and reflect on memories of items and hidden keepsakes. As you make your way through your belongings, you'll undoubtedly recover long-forgotten memories associated with particular items. Take the time to enjoy these memories as you go. This can serve as a positive reminder that the world won't be like this forever and that you'll soon be back to creating new memories with your loved ones. 

Help Out Those in Need 

Many of the items you wish to get rid of may still be perfectly usable, even if you no longer have a need for them. Anything that is in good repair can likely be donated. Now more than ever, it is important to help those who are less fortunate, however many of our local charity shops are currently closed. Contacting your local charity shops to see if/when they are reopening, or what donation they will be accepting is key. If you have a garage, potentially store the donation items together or in a newly cleaned out cupboard until a safe time to make the donation drop off.  MAYDAY Director @Kat recently started her home declutter and was able to donate clothing through Links of Love Charity Facebook Page, where individuals in need collected pre-loved corporate clothes from her home!

Keep Only What You Truly Need 

A common issue that people run into with decluttering is keeping too much. Think about what you truly need to live a happy, comfortable life, and get rid of the rest. It's amazing how much we hang on to something simply for the reason that we might need it "someday."  I am going to be committed to keeping only what I need and sticking with the general rule of thumb, that if you haven't used something in the last year or two, you probably aren't going to. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, like a wedding dress, or a child’s first cutest outfit! If you can be a bit ruthless in getting rid of unneeded and unwanted items, you'll be amazed by how much freer you feel when you aren't bogged down with too much stuff. 

Relish the Sense of Accomplishment 

I love a good sort out task once I get started, the lead up to doing so can be long but once I have committed, I love it. Even if you don't consider decluttering an enjoyable task, you can certainly enjoy the feeling of accomplishment you'll get when you are finished... Remembering having a goal in mind and working towards it can give our lives a much-needed sense of purpose, which can help to ease any anxiety and stress. 

Establish a New Normal 

While we can't specifically predict when things will go back to business as usual, we can take steps to make our own lives better. My plan once I have decluttered my home, I will be moving onto decluttering my digital world of photos, emails & bills. A task I have had in mind for many years and now I feel I have the time to commit to completing, you can also hire in some help virtually for things like photo collections, I am a huge fan of the filing fairies who have assisted me previously sort and filter my online photo collection.  

Let me know if you found any of these tips helpful and please reach out to share any others that have worked for you at Lizzie@maydayrecruitment.com.

Happy decluttering!!