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MAYDAY'S Podcast Club

Posted on 25th June 2020 by Jo Lothian

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Given the success of our internal MAYDAY Podcast Club, we are excited to announce we are now launching this to our external network. MAYDAY will be recommending topical and motivational Podcasts each month and discussing our key takeaways.

This month’s chosen podcast was On Purpose with Jay Shetty: 6 Simple Things You Can Do Every Morning to Boost Your Energy Before Work

Jay Shetty is a firm favourite of the MAYDAY Podcast Club!!

Here are our key takeaways:

Turn off notifications before breakfast

Phone notifications are proven to cause anxiety and stress, which is no way to start your day! Jay suggested that you commit to not looking at your phone before breakfast and instead, start your day on a positive and less stress inducing note, such as reading some motivational quotes first thing when you wake up.

Start your day with kindness

Usually the morning is a selfish time, thinking what do I have to do today? The nice things we do for our family in the morning can often be done out of stress and time pressure and this creates the wrong focus in your day. Doing something nice for someone else with a kind motivation gives us a boost similar to a runners high.

Exercise for twenty minutes

Going for a short walk or perhaps some yoga at home in the morning is proven to increase focus and alertness. Physical activity is a natural remedy for stress and there is no denying that sense of accomplishment you feel, giving you an optimistic outlook for the day.

What will you take away from this podcast?

Have you listened to a podcast recently that you loved, what was it? 

Let us know!