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Kickstart Your Career in Civil Labour Hire

Posted on 19th August 2020 by Vanessa Cole

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What Is Civil Construction?

If you break up the phrase ‘civil construction,’ the word ‘civil’ relates to the fact that governments fund most of the work in this field. The term ‘construction’ means ‘building.’ However, civil construction labourers are concerned with building along the earth’s surface rather than underground or up into the air. In other words, civil construction workers are involved in infrastructure.

Civil infrastructure is what keeps our homes, towns, and cities functioning. From the water we drink to the gas we use and the roads and trains on which we travel, the civil construction industry is concerned with making life better, easier, and safer for us.

What Does a Civil Construction Worker Do?

Since a civil construction worker is involved with designing, planning, and creating civil infrastructure, they can be involved in anything to do with water, earth, or transport. Jobs exist around the building, maintenance, and repair of roads, railways, buildings, footpaths, water reservoirs, bridges, sewer systems, tunnels, dams, and anything else in the physical or natural environment.

So, you might find a civil labourer spraying a road surface with tar, working on roadside verges, helping with the piling and foundations for a commercial building, or assisting a pipe layer. Depending on their area of specialism, a civil construction worker might be in charge of light machinery such as a paver, roller, digger, or excavator, or operating a tool on-site such as a jackhammer or whacker plate.

Working On-Site

To work on a construction site in NSW, workers need a general construction induction card, also called a Construction Induction Card (CIC) or white card. To obtain a white card, a worker will need to complete training with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), provide the trainer with ID, and be at least 14 years of age.  

Tickets and Licences to Work as a Civil Construction Labourer

In addition, civil construction workers may be required to hold certain construction tickets or licences to perform work or operate machinery, which involves attending a training course. 

Tickets and licences include Confined Space Entry Ticket, Working at Heights Ticket, Elevated Work Platforms Ticket (EWP) for under 11 metres and over 11 metres, Asbestos Removal Ticket, Traffic Control Blue and Yellow Cards, and Rail Industry Safety Induction Ticket (RISI). 

High-Risk Work Licences include Crane Licence, Forklift Licence, Hoist Licence, Pressure Equipment Licence, Reach Stacker Licence, and Dogging, Rigging, and Scaffolding Licence.

Projects in New South Wales

Australia’s property and infrastructure sectors are booming. For example, in NSW, the government is investing $6.7 billion over four years to deliver more than 190 new and upgraded schools, spending $1.3 billion on school maintenance over five years, and $500 million on air conditioning as part of the sustainable Cooler Classrooms program.

Meadowbank Education and Employment Precinct in Ryde will feature new primary and secondary schools, open spaces for sport and recreation, increased connectivity to major transport hubs, contemporary and flexible learning areas, and improved TAFE NSW Meadowbank facilities.

The Hawsons Iron Project has Major Project Status, which means it is economically significant and will get extra support from the Australian Government. The project will create approximately 1,200 construction jobs and 500 ongoing jobs.

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