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MAYDAY'S Podcast Club - Healthy Brain, Healthy You!

Posted on 20th August 2020 by Jo Lothian

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The MAYDAY Podcast Club are excited to share with you their new favourite podcast!

This month they have been listening to The Brian Keane Podcast, and wanted to share with their external network one that is close to their hearts Dr Amen, on Anxiety, Mental Health and Managing Your Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTS)

Want to find out what foods your brain needs the most? Want to know what techniques can help you have a healthy brain? Continue reading to find out!

“Get your brain right, and your mind will follow”

Your brain is a physical organ, just like your heart. It uses “20% - 30% of the daily calories you consume. It is the most expensive real estate in your body – you need to give it the nutrition it needs.”

Simple foods, supplements and tips:

  • Beetroot, Rosemary, Cayenne Pepper, and Oregano – all these can increase blood flow
  • Saffron has proven chemicals to help with moods, ease anxious feelings and make you feel happier
  • Gingko Biloba which helps our eyes, ears, legs and brain function better
  • Fish Oil can help with memory 
  • Vitamin D to help boost your mood
  • Fibre; Eating lots of fibre can flush out the toxins from your gut
  • Water; Drinking plenty of water can flush out the toxins in your kidneys
  • Sleep; plenty of sleep is a priority for a healthy brain, lack of sleep = lower brain function

What is the smallest thing you can do every day that will make the biggest difference?

How can I combat the ANTS (automatic negative thoughts) that come into your mind, try to ruin your day and throw you off balance?

  • Every morning, before you get up, tell yourself “Today is going to be a great day!” It sets up your mind to look for what’s going right in your day rather than what’s going wrong.
  • Go through your day, and ask yourself “Is what I am doing good for my brain, or bad?” If you love yourself, choose what is good for it, because with a “better brain, always comes a better life. Serve it rather than hurt it”
  • Finally, when you go to sleep, ask yourself, what went well today? Thoughts leading after this question can set yourself up to have a wonderful night sleep and have dreams that are more positive.

What does MAYDAY think?

Jo Lo is now continually asking herself every day “is this good for my brain”. Such an easy thing to ask yourself – “I used to only think about whether this was good for my waistline, I forget how important the brain is for a healthy lifestyle – it’s an investment”.  Another key takeaway Jo Lo has really taken on board from this podcast “If your brain isn’t learning, it is dying. It is so easy to get into the habit of easy living, not wanting to learn or develop skills, but this statement is now my mantra. Never forget that your brain is like a muscle, you have to use it or it will get smaller and smaller.”

"If you want to keep your brain sharp, you must engage in lifelong learning."

Kelly also wanted to share her key takeaways:

I love these three steps to keep my brain healthy”

  1. Care – Sometimes we can neglect our brain because it’s not a physical thing we can see. We need to love and care about our brains and our mental health.
  2. Stop – We must stop doing anything that hurts our brain.
  3. Do – Do things every single day that nourish, support and help your brain stay healthy!

Interested In listening too? Follow the link below to listen, and please feel free to share your thoughts. 

The Brian Kean Podcast with Dr Amen 

Have you listened to a podcast recently that you loved, what was it? 

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