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Women's Health Week Day 3 - MAYDAY Meditation Tips

Posted on 9th September 2020 by Jo Lothian

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It's Day 3 of Women's Health Week and today we are talking about Meditation. 

The rumours are true, meditation is the best for mindfulness and to help reset. 

Lynne our Managing Director who practices meditation daily and swears by it to maintain her calm and collected outlook - tells us what works for her; 

  • Spend a few moments jotting down your to-do list or brain dump any matters on paper before you meditate. This has really helped me focus on my breath, instead of defaulting to... “OH! I must remember to call ..... as soon as I get in!”
  • “I wish I could meditate but... I don’t have time.” I hear this often. If you can’t give offer a few minutes a day to yourself, then try to rethink what you’re doing in those brief moments of time between A and B? Literally a couple of minutes of breathwork can have a massive impact if you do it daily. Use your commute (I meditate on the ferry) or there are even guided “walking meditations” for those who insist they can’t spare a few minutes a day to sit with their eyes closed
  • Try starting with an app... I used “Headspace” then “Calm” for the first few months. Now I just switch on some meditation music on my Spotify and off I go...
  • It’s all about breath... simply counting to 4 during your inhale and exhale is enough to start stilling your mind and relaxing your parasympathetic nervous system (your fight or flight mode). And if your mind wanders from your breath, it’s all good… let your thoughts come and go, then go back to focusing on your breath
  • Don’t be so tough on yourself - the amount of times friends have said, “I wish I could meditate but I’ve tried and I can’t - my mind is just too busy!” That’s okay... our minds are meant to be busy! You don’t need to be so hard on yourself if it takes a while to still your mind - it’s called “practice” for a reason

​What are some of your tips for meditating? What works for you?!” 

Aisling, our Temp Consultant has also made it her mission to Meditate every day this week, and she wanted to share what she has learnt so far - 

  • Go into your meditation practice without expectations
  • Choose a time to meditate that works for you. Mornings are best for me.
  • Start with just two minutes a day for a week. If that goes well, increase by another two minutes and do that for a week.
  • Smile when you’re done.
We would love to hear from you in regards to your meditating journey - so please get in touch today!