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Meet MAYDAY's Lifesaver of January - the first for 2021

Posted on 4th February 2021 by Jo Lothian

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Introducing the first Lifesaver of 2021! Nuala Cummins! 

Nuala, who is currently temping for MAYDAY as a Recruiter for one of our fabulous clients, had such incredible feedback from her manager - "The culture and energy within the team was quite low and morale wasn’t high. Nuala’s proactive approach to supporting the team-building side of things had a positive and stellar effect."  Nuala, it sounds like you brightened up the team - a wonderful quality to have. 

Let's hear what Nuala has to say about being one of MAYDAY's wonderful Lifesavers. 

Well done Nuala on winning MAYDAY's Lifesaver of the month. How does it feel? 

I was suprised and excited to be nominated by my manager. 

Tell us the most interesting thing you have learned since being in your role? 

This is my first Government role and the recruitment process is a lot different to private. It has been an interesting learning curve and I am lucky enough to work for a great leader and an awesome team. 

What advice would you give somsone going into a new contract role? 

Advice would be to go in with an open mind and take a chance to explore working with an industry you haven't worked for previously. It is a great opportunity to learn and develop new skills. 

A massive thanks to Nuala from all of us at MAYDAY - you are a real lifesaver and winner of a Westfield shopping voucher. 

Do you need a lifesaver? Or do you think you can save the day for MAYDAY? 

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