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3 Top Tips to maximise your LinkedIn Profile

Posted on 24th August 2021 by Jo Lothian

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Linkedin has become such an essential tool when it comes to job searching so take a read of our Top 3 TIPS to maximse your profile and update your LinkedIn today!

1. Make sure your profile is complete - you wouldn't send a resume that didn't have your most recent role - so don't just put a version of yourself that isn't complete.

2. Aim your profile towards the job you want - issue the language towards the industry you want to be in, be specific in your responsibilities that can relate to your chosen profession

3. Engage with the site every day by sharing valuable content, personal wins or credible posts. 

If you want to learn more, click below to watch MAYDAY & Blue Sky's full video of our "Career Clinic" where we also run through perfecting your resume.  

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