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What's my purpose in life? How am I going to achieve my goals? Vanessa Cole shares her top tips

Posted on 22nd November 2021 by Vanessa Cole

What's my purpose in life? How will I achieve my goals? MAYDAY Blogs & Insights

We’ve all been there… wondering “what the heck is my purpose in life, & how am I going to achieve it if <insert many conflicting & confusing thoughts here>”

Ask yourself, does what you’re doing match your:

Values (What’s important to you?)
Competencies (What are you good at?)
Drivers (What gets you going & makes you jump in head first?)

If you’re not sure, find out –

🐱‍🏍 1. Write a big Values, Competencies & Drivers list, & organise it into headings & priorities so you’re really clear on what they are. Where & how does what’s on that list match what you’re doing, if you really think about it? Your work, your hobby, your family, in how you serve others? Perhaps it’s different from how you thought it would look, but it matches, & you’re where you need to be right now; gathering insights, learnings & experience as you journey onwards.

🐱‍🏍 2. What needs to shift so you feel that satisfaction you’re looking for? Perhaps it’s taking on a new responsibility, letting go of old decisions that don’t serve you, or finding a new perspective.

🐱‍🏍 3. Evaluate how you think, act & react in your current space; are any of these holding you back? Perhaps your mindset is causing a blind spot to how what you're doing meets your list. Perhaps it's stopping you from seeing how what you're doing is assisting you to move towards achieving your long-term goals. See now as an opportunity to learn & add to your tool kit, so that rather than being stagnant you're progressing within yourself.

🐱‍🏍 4. How does what you’re doing give back? Often our biggest satisfaction comes in how we serve others. That doesn’t necessarily mean volunteering, giving your services away for free, working 24/7 or being everybody’s everything. How does your role help those you’re in connection with? Whether it’s the joy of raising a child or pet, of sharing a hot tip that really helps someone, starting (& growing) a business that you believe in, or helping your customers to succeed. Service = satisfaction.

I'd love to know your top tips for the journey of aligning with your purpose - these helped me, what's helped you?

Let me know