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MAYDAY Recruitment are applying a lens to candidate insights and helping Australian businesses make better faster hiring decisions.

We know the importance of culture fit, skillset and aptitude to learn when assessing talent, so we’re diving deeper, using the latest in gamified technology, and empowering our customers to make precise, confident hiring decisions.  We’ll propel your recruitment process into the 21st Century, prioritising our award-winning candidate experience, and representing your brand authentically, with professionalism.


How will you adapt in a candidate rich market? 

Recruiting in a candidate rich market isn’t easy… with more applicants than ever, finding the perfect person can feel overwhelming and often impossible.  

In many ways having a large number of applications to screen and resumes to review can further complicate the selection process; quantity doesn’t often align with quality.  

In a market, with strong candidate supply it’s vital to ensure you have appropriate methods in place to quickly and efficiently assess whether a candidate will “fit” with the role you are recruiting for, but more broadly, will they add value to your organisation? Understanding the skills and competencies you’re hiring for, and how to properly assess them can save huge amounts of time and money in correcting costly hiring mistakes. Making the wrong hiring decisions will impact your culture, your people and your finances.

Recent research from PWC

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Learning Agility is the new in-demand soft skill

Industry experts agree, understanding the level at which a candidate learns, solves problems and understands instructions is a high predictor of success for a broad range of roles.

Learning agility is becoming increasingly important as a set of skills and behaviours that define how well a candidate will be able to keep up with ever-changing job demands. How well an individual learns and can be coached will deliver results for your business and their own professional development.

There are many ways to assess learning agility, but the trick is to try and make it fun – ensuring you’re creating an enjoyable rather than laborious candidate experience.

Being able to confidently assess a candidate’s learning agility could become your biggest competitive advantage.

Learning Agility

At MAYDAY we define learning agility as the combination of ability to learn, the cognitive skills or basic intellect that mean a person can learn quickly from new patterns, rules and trends, and aptitude to learn, the behavioural competencies that mean a person has the desire or intent to learn new things quickly.

Did you know? 

Researchers from various universities over many years have measured the predictive validity of unstructured interviews. Their findings predict you have less than a 20% chance of selecting the best candidate for your position if you only use an unstructured interview. 


MAYDAY’s unique gamified suite of assessments has been developed to quickly and accurately assess the skills and competencies you can’t see on paper; everything from multi-tasking to emotional intelligence and from personality to culture fit.

Save huge amounts of time and money in correcting costly mistakes by hiring talent who will live and breathe your values, and learn and grow with your business.

We use a combination of gamified assessments that challenge the candidates’ cognitive abilities in an engaging way; think puzzles, codebreakers or pathfinding games. In addition to assessing specific technical competencies we can ensure your chosen candidate demonstrates learning agility, ensuring they will achieve productivity sooner.

Make hiring decisions supported by scientifically validated assessment data.

How does MAYDAY Magnify work?

We integrate MAYDAY Magnify seamlessly into your recruitment process and MAYDAY Experience. 

Our team will help identify the critical success factors for your vacancy, and select the appropriate combination of scientifically validated tests.  Shortlisted candidates will complete the tailored assessment flow and subsequently, you will receive a comprehensive, easy to read report that details the candidates’ scores, performance classification and suitability for the role; it’s that simple.

Magnify will enable you to…

  • Base interview questions on detailed candidate insights

  • Hire with confidence

  • Assess learning agility

  • Gain a competitive advantage 

  • Create a superior candidate experience

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.''  Alvin Toffler (1970)

Mayday Recruitment Insurance, Administration, HR, Customer Service, Marketing, Sales Recruitment

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