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Mayday Reveals...8 Expert Tips On Getting the Most From Your Recruiters!

Posted on 20th December 2018 by Katrina Docherty

Mayday Blog Mayday Reveals 8 Expert Tips On Getting The Most From Your Recruiters

Whether you’re in the market for a new job or you’re passively considering what opportunities are out there, working with a recruiter opens doors for you. In a recent survey of leading companies across Australia, a huge 79% of respondents said that finding the right talent is their number one priority going forward, and they’re turning to recruitment agencies to find the perfect hire.

If you’re a candidate hoping to work with a recruiter, how can you get the most out of your experience and ensure you hear about the best opportunities out there? Here are our top 8 pieces of advice for candidates working with recruiters.

1. Polish your resume

recent survey revealed that 9 out of 10 candidates make easily avoidable mistakes in their CVs, including spelling errors and incomplete employment history. Remember, this is a recruiter’s (or hiring manager’s) first interaction with you. Invest a small amount of time to ensure that your CV is current, accurate, and properly proofread so you know you’ve given the best possible first impression.

2. Make yourself available

The recruitment industry moves fast. 71% of recruitment professionals who participated in a recent trends report noted that a talent shortage is a real problem in Australia right now, meaning the best candidates for a job are in high demand. An employer may want to arrange an interview within a day or two–although it’s not always possible, do your best to accommodate such requests. Be responsive to calls and emails, and answer messages promptly. If you’re serious about finding a new job, you need to make yourself available.

On the other side, an excellent recruiter always keeps you updated with any relevant news on your job search. If you haven’t heard from them within an agreed time frame, give them a quick call or email– you’ll also look enthusiastic, which is always a good thing!

3. Be polite and courteous

It should go without saying, but being polite and professional at all times is a must. At MAYDAY, staff are always commenting on how lovely the candidates are that they meet, and this makes them even more excited to represent those candidates to clients! Recruiters remember polite, impressive candidates for all the right reasons, so be respectful of a recruiter’s time and treat them as if they are hiring managers.

4. Be dependable

If a recruiter arranges an interview for you or schedules a call and you’ve agreed to it, follow through on the commitment. You don’t want recruiters to remember you for being unreliable, particularly since the candidates they put forward for jobs are a reflection on them.

5. Be decisive

If you interview for a job and you’re offered the position, don’t take too long to make up your mind. Hiring professionals move promptly, and there are likely other candidates for the role.

Vanessa, a consultant at MAYDAY, notes that:

“A client wants to feel that they are your first choice, and it can make them doubt your commitment if you leave them waiting too long. That said, we’ll advise the client on how quickly you’re looking to move on a job offer so you’re moving at the speed you’d hoped for too” 

6. Have an open mind

Remember, recruiters are hiring professionals who have seen a lot of what’s out there, and they may sometimes think of you for roles you didn’t imagine yourself taking– for example, perhaps your dream job is a large firm, but this is a small firm opportunity. Be open to alternate opportunities because it could lead you to something that turns out to be exceptional! It is important to be open and honest with your recruiter though; if you know in your heart that you just don’t want to be put forward for a role, or that after interview it didn’t feel right, do tell them- your recruiter’s main goal is for you to be happy and find longevity in your next step.

7. Have a plan

If you’re working in a temporary role, keep in touch with your recruiter and remind them that the vacancy is soon coming to an end– they won’t always know when you’re available and if you keep them up to date they will keep an eye out for something you can step into after the current assignment ends.

8. Ask for feedback

Recruiters are happy to give you feedback on how you’ve been performing if you ask them; perhaps you need to update your social media, or you could do with some more interview experience. Remember, recruiters are there to help you, so do ask them for what you need. We believe that feedback works both ways, and so we ask both clients and candidates for feedback through Recruiter Insider– there is always room to improve, and we aim to always provide a premium recruitment service.

At MAYDAY Recruitment, our experienced team understands what it takes to succeed in the Australian job market. Contact us today to see how we can help you find the perfect opportunity.