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Posted on 11th August 2020 by Vanessa Cole

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The world of work has changed dramatically over the last few months and for none more than those in customer facing roles… we’ve noticed huge shifts for our clients within the Contact Centre space, as a direct result of the COVID19 pandemic.

Due to unprecedented demand for answers and understanding, Contact Centres have needed to scale up their temporary and permanent staffing, and quickly!

This has created a volume of positions for online Live-Chat, whilst top Customer Service Representatives need to be available to handle those more complex queries and issues via the phone.

The use of AI powered Chat-Bots has also assisted in relieving queries that can be directed to a website page or can be answered more simply.

This more digital approach will continue to shape how Contact Centres are led in Australia well beyond the pandemic. Customers have shown a strong appreciation for the more digital approach, which sees their questions being answered quicker and more efficiently.

MAYDAY partner with some of Australia’s largest insurers, so we found this recent article in insurancenews.com.au really insightful – read how the pandemic has accelerated changes within Contact Centres in the insurance industry.

How to hire for Contact Centres of the future…

As changes thrust upon us by this pandemic are altering the skill sets employers are looking for in candidates, this has prompted a need to change the traditional approach to hiring.

MAYDAY has created an award-winning recruitment solution, which has transformed the traditional face to face assessment centre to a digital experience.

Our revolutionary AI-powered digital assessment tool is giving our clients complete surety that they’re hiring the right person for the job and saving hiring managers from losing valuable hours to the traditional interviewing process.

By utilising our recruitment solution as a part of your hiring process, you can:

  • Reduce time to hire – we’ve been able to cut assessment time by over 50%
  • Increase candidate satisfaction – an amazing way to positively impact your brand
  • Increase application numbers – by offering a fun and engaging assessment method they can complete in their own time
  • Increase employee retention rates – by finding candidates who align to your culture

Click here to learn more about MAYDAY’s Digital Assessment tool, or call us now to discuss how we can elevate your brand to innovator status; ensure your Contact Centre has the best talent who are ready for any situation, and lead your business toward being a Contact Centre of the future.